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Non-pasteurized Beers – List of beers that are not pasteurized

Beers normally undergo pasteurization to ensure longer shelf life and uniformity. Craft brewery, also called micro brewery, generally means a brewery which produces a limited amount of beer. In the U.S.A, the “Brewers Association” use a fixed maximum limit of 15,000 US beer barrels (1,800,000 l; 460,000 US gal; 390,000 imp gal) a year to define microbrewery. An American “craft brewery”... [Read more]

How To Start Your Home Brew Adventure

There is an unavoidable element of light mockery that surrounds the practice of home brewing beer. There will always be the same jokes – that you are so fond of a drink you decided that you couldn’t deal with the trip to the bar, for example. Or that you wanted to drive the price of beer so low that you could be permanently drunk without it costing you so much. Once you get over the impression... [Read more]

Make Your Own Grain Mill to Create Nutritious Flour

Freshly baked loaves of homemade bread from the oven gives your home an aroma that can’t be beat. Spending time making the bread is worth every minute when you are finally able to bite into that first piece, butter oozing off the sides. Make bread better when you grind your own flour too!   A n Unprocessed Grain A Day Keeps the Doctor Away When we purchase flour in the store, it is processed,... [Read more]

Japanese Beer – Best To Taste While In Japan

Just like electronics, the Japanese beer serves to be an innovation. Beer was brought to Japan by the Dutch when they built beer halls. Later, Germans brought beer and marked its popularity. In fact, beer is the most famous alcoholic drink served in Japan, which accounts for about two thirds of 9 billion liters consumed in the year 2006. Japanese began to brew an adaptation of the beer after the Meiji... [Read more]

German Beer Facts

beer is among the most popular and important part of the culture of Germany. Fact is, its popularity is well known all throughout the world. The beer in Germany is highly diverse. There are more than a thousand breweries all over Germany. The popularity of the German beer is the outcome of the strict process it undergoes before it is sold to the public. That is because beer manufacturers in Germany... [Read more]

Malted Barley And How It Is Used Today

Malted Barley And How It Is Used Today These days malted barley is one of the most important ingredients for making beer and and has a variety of other uses as well. The original form is used for cereals, animal feed and once it’s malted in beer. It’s the reason beer tastes like it does and greatly affects the outcome of a homemade brew. For those that enjoy this beverage at your local... [Read more]

Complete To Purchasing Wonderful Beer On A Budget

Find your self spending money on cheap, unsavory beer simply because you lack the spending budget for imported brands or new flavors? With these ideas you’ll learn a way to take pleasure in excellent beer on a tight budget. Start by thinking locally, seeking a neighborhood brew pub or brewer that makes an excellent beer. Local beer is also usually far more affordable. To sample nearby beers within... [Read more]

Intro To Some Of The Very Best Beer Variations

Find yourself confused by the assortment of beers available these days? All beer really falls underneath one of two groups, ale or lager. Even though some breweries offer you what they refer to as hybrid types, these beers can nonetheless be categorized as a lager or ale dependent on the yeast utilised to generate the beverage. Here’s a look at the method and how to explain to the difference... [Read more]

Learning Everything About The Great Tasting German Beer

Throughout Germany, draught beer is very popular with the tradition. Germany contains more than 1,000 breweries, which is greater than any other spot in the world. All alcohol that is created in Germany are required to follow the love law, which lets suppliers know what ingredients can along with can’t be used. Generally, the only ingredients allowed to make beer inside Germany are water, trips,... [Read more]

Best Ways Of Beer Brewing At Home

Best Ways Of Beer Brewing At Home You may have come across the thought of coming up with your own home made beer at one point. If it seemed a hard task to you, then you need to get informed on some methods you can use so as to achieve this. However you ought to be very cautious when you are practicing this as slight mistakes can lead to you coming up with a dangerous liquid. To have a successful beer... [Read more]

How To Locate A Rare Kind Of Beer

Whether you heard about a fantastic beer from a friend or read a review on-line about some thing you should try, tracking down rare beers could be a bit time consuming but absolutely worth it. You can find a couple of strategies to go about this of course, although your 1st stop should constantly be a local beer retailer or liquor store. Start your search with a nearby Liquor Store Miami Beach that... [Read more]

How To Troubleshoot Home Brewing – Fix Those Common Issues

Stuck fermentation   Stuck fermentation arises when your beer fails to ferment to completion. This can result from using old yeast or poor ingredients. The easiest way to take care of this problem, is to prevent it from starting. To do this, you should:   1. Re-hydrate the yeast by adding it to some water and adding wort in the yeast an hour or so (or more) prior to pitching. It will help... [Read more]

Beer Making And It’s Benefits Today

Beer Making And It’s Benefits Today These days beer making is not only a lot of fun, but can get you a great tasting beverage to enjoy right at home. Whether you use your own preferred method or have a kegging system there’s a great variety of malt and hops to pick from. Since it can save a lot of money and let you make your very own recipe, it’s no wonder so many are doing this today. Why... [Read more]

Getting Started In Homebrew And Some Information That You Need

Getting Started In Homebrew And Some Information That You Need Many consider the making of homebrew to be a hobby of considerable interest. They find that it is one that is easy for them to get started in as well. There are a variety of kits on sale in the marketplace as a means for a beginner to get started. The basic level that one can choose is the beer making kits. The next level up is what is... [Read more]

Happy Accidents

It is an interesting fact that Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident, and that Isaac Newton discovered gravity as a result of an apple falling from a tree and hitting him. In the same way – though admittedly on a smaller scale – some brewing mistakes and happy accidents can lead to a different and unique taste in a brew that makes for a worthwhile addition to your rotation. Admittedly,... [Read more]

Home Brewing 101: FAQs

Four weeks ago I bottled a new batch of beer and set it out in the garden shed. I opened one today and it doesn’t taste right. What’s up? The chances are that it’s nothing you’ve done in the brewing process. Remember, brewing is a temperamental process and the most likely reason for your beer not coming out right is that you moved it from somewhere warm to somewhere cold. It... [Read more]

An Exchange Of Information

The entire world has changed with the advent of the Internet. You can talk live to people living as far away from you as it is possible to get, you can buy items from a Mom’n’Pop store in a village in another country, and you can watch sporting events taking place in front of a few hundred people in a country you’ve never been to. Everything has been touched by the Internet, and home... [Read more]

Variety Is The Spice

There are several great lies about beer. One of those is that it makes you funnier. It doesn’t, it only makes other people more likely to laugh at your jokes, and they need to be drinking too. Another, and a more serious one, is that all beer tastes the same. This line is so untrue that there should be disclaimers issued on national TV every time someone says it. One can only wonder how many... [Read more]

Grand Rapids, Michigan is BeerCity USA 2013

Voting for the annual BeerCity USA poll is over and tallied. Grand Rapids, Michigan has claimed sole designation as BeerCity USA 2013. Grand Rapids took a grand and rapid (pun intended) early lead. Kalamazoo, Michigan and Asheville, North Carolina made significant gains in the early stages of the 5 day voting period. Asheville pushed in a final two day assault but their rally was not enough to pass... [Read more]

Top Brands Of Stout Beer

Stout beer made its first public appearance in the 1730’s in Ireland. Today, it is found worldwide. This deep, dark colored, bitter flavored beer varies with each brewer. It is made with barley and several types of malt. It is a darker, richer, hoppier version of a porter… a stouter beer! Stout beers fall in one of four categories: dry stout, milk stout, imperial stout, and oatmeal stout. Dry... [Read more]

Home Brew vs Factory Brew – Whose Side Are You On?

There is an understandable assumption made by many people that the beers available in supermarkets and liquor stores were all brewed by factory workers employed by some faceless corporation. It’s natural to associate a big seller with a big producer. However, a lot of people would be surprised to see just how many of the beers sold commercially were actually produced in a setting not totally... [Read more]

Getting The Basics Right

To brew your own beer, you need to have a few things in place before you start. First of all you need a bit of spare time and a lot of patience, because it is almost certain that you will mess up your first batch in some way. Second of all, you will need the right equipment – and this can be as simple or as complicated as you are prepared to make it. To begin with, you will need a container large... [Read more]

The Advantages Of Brewing At Home

There is an impression in many people’s minds that factory conditions are necessary in order to make something as complicated as beer. It is true that brewing a beer is not like cooking a meal – the skills involved in both overlap, but there are plenty of people who can do either one of the above, but are useless at the other. But factory conditions are not necessary, and you can brew your... [Read more]

Brewing Your Own Beer

It may just be a lingering impression from the days of prohibition, but the reputation of home-brewing beer for many is that the people who do it are half-way to being militia-men who hide out on communes in places so far off the map that no GPS system will ever find them. Although a lot is being done to address this, the fact is that people are usually prepared to spend more money drinking the pre-made... [Read more]